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Customer Experience Can Break Or Make Your Brand: You Decide

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Customer Experience Can Break Or Make Your Brand: You Decide
Customer Experience Can Break Or Make Your Brand: You Decide

Customer experience is one factor determining whether a prospective lead becomes a customer or whether a customer will come back and eventually become a loyal customer.

With so many businesses mushrooming every day, customer service may be the differentiating factor.

According to Forbes customer, experience is today’s business benchmark.

Customer experience is how customers interact with your brand, from the first contact to when the deal is sealed, to when they require after-sales services. Great customer service evokes loyalty, trust, and recommendations.

A happy customer will always return or refer another prospect.

Great customer service increases customer retention and satisfaction and cross-selling and up-selling.

How to enhance customer experience

•Have a thorough understanding of the product /service you are offering this way you can advise an undecided customer accordingly. Furthermore when questions come your way you can adequately address them.

•Utilize different communication channels with your customer-some clients prefer social media while others prefer emails or calls. As a business, you want to be available on all platforms your customers are looking for you. As a business invest in website feedback widgets, chatbots, and email contact forms.

•Enhance customer engagement using customer reviews and feedback to improve service delivery. As a business, you can collect insights through customers surveys

•Prompt responses to complaints

Have a proper crisis communication plan-A crisis is bound to happen in any business. However, how you react to the crisis will leave a lasting impression on a customer.

Identify potential risks your business could face and prepare beforehand how to address the said risk.

Your business can also leverage on the power of technology such as artificial intelligence to answer Frequently Asked Questions.

•Identify the key touch points in the customer journey. The most critical parts of the customer journey include onboarding new users, post-purchase follow-up, returns and refunds, and renewal of subscriptions.

•Training employees on soft skills-customer service etiquette will help your business.