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Top Five Tips on How to Prepare for an interview(Kenya)

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
How to Prepare for an interview(Kenya) FILE;COURTESY
How to Prepare for an interview(Kenya) FILE;COURTESY

Job searching is a daunting task; a full-time job as some like to call it. So after sending that Curriculum Vitae and getting a callback, you want to put your best foot forward and impress the panelists. After all, you will never get another chance to create another first impression

•Familiarize yourself with the company-ask from members of staff or conduct a simple google search to familiarize yourself with company values, culture, services, customers, competitors, and products. The more you understand the company the more you can tell how you can fit in the company.

•Have a good grasp of your Curriculum Vitae-this is important especially if you outsourced your CV from a professional writer. Ensure that you can articulate your skills, competencies, and value proposition.

• Understanding the Job Description-this will help you know if you have the required skill set to execute the tasks. Analyzing the job description helps you understand what the company is looking for in an ideal candidate. Prepare a list of your skills and knowledge that match what the employer is looking for.

•Do research on ideal salary-at the end of an interview one of the panelists will likely ask about your salary expectations. Researching prior will help you have an idea so that you neither underquote nor over-quote.

•Be well-versed with current trends in your industry

•Prepare brilliant questions to ask at the end of interview-asking questions at the end of an interview shows interest and passion in the role you are applying for

On the actual day of  the interview;

•Arrive early-being on time shows diligence. Arriving late on the other hand shows that you are not a serious candidate and will carry on your laxity to your job if employed.

•Look at the part-dress to impress. Wear well-ironed clothes. Stick to corporate colors; grey, navy blue, black and white. For ladies, minimalist make-up is ideal as opposed to an overly done face. Remember you are addressed by how you are dressed.

•Organise your documents properly-have extra copies of your documents in case your interviewer needs to peruse through them.

In this case interview is being conducted via zoom call;

•Ensure your gadgets and network are functioning properly

•Have a clear background

•Ensure that there is no noise and avoid interruptions