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Top Ten Lucrative Side Hustles In Kenya 2022

Joy Waweru | 3 months ago
Lucrative side hustles in Kenya 2022 PHOTO:COURTESY
Lucrative side hustles in Kenya 2022 PHOTO:COURTESY

 Are you interested in making an extra buck from home to away from your main job? This read is for you. In the internet era, you can do o much from the comfort of your home and never run out of cash.For some side hustles have done exemplarily well hence switching from formal employment to full-time self employment.

1)Freelance writing-in the digital era content is on demand. If you have above average writing skills you can monetize your craft. Freelance writers are needed for blogs, articles, websites and newspapers. Find your niche; is it fashion, politics or technology, come up with a rate card and pitch to prospective clients.

2)Car-hire services-Kenyans are now embracing car-hire services as opposed to using public means because of the convenience it serves. Take advantage, talk to car owners enter into a business agreement to lease out cars for an extra coin.

  3)Social media marketing and SEO-In a saturated market, companies are seeking visibility and brand awareness. Are you skilled in creating content that creates buzz and meaningful conversations that will ultimately lead to a sale? Why not get your hand into social media marketing and search engine optimization?

4)Delivery services-online businesses are sprouting every other day. The challenge however is the point of contact between the supplier and the consumer of the product. You can be that errands guy. You can partner with food vendors or apps such as Jumia and other E-commerce stores.

5)Consultancy and strategy- are you knowledgeable or expertly skilled in a certain field? Yes?Great! That's all you need to start this business-your knowledge. As a consultant you do not do the actual execution, all you do is laying out the strategy which will take you at least just a few hours.

6)Catering and cake-baking business-Times have changed so should you. You do not need a workshop to run a catering ad cake business. Make money from your own kitchen. The good news is you can partner with courier companies to make the deliveries for you.

7)Online tutorials-in the post-corona period people have grown accustomed to doing things online. Just as in consultancy as a teacher you offer knowledge in exchange for monetary value.You can record a tutorial and sell it to students or hold live seminars and webinars.

8)Start a cab business instead of parking your car in the garage. During your free hours why not convert that into a profit-making venture? In Kenya, there are many cab services you could partner with. Examples include Uber, Taxify, and bolt. All you need is a vehicle and a smartphone.

9)Youtube content creation.-there are many options to pick from: fashion, coaching, travel and lifestyle. In content creation consistency is the name of the game.

10)Affiliate marketing-gain a commission every time someone uses your affiliate link from either your social media pages or website. You need to have huge traffic and many buyers to notice significant profit gain.

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