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Auntie Jemimah, Size 8 Mourning After Losing Their Unborn Babies

akirimi | 2 years ago

Nairobi, October 1

Popular YouTuber Mercy Wangari Nguri, known by her stage name Auntie Jemimah, has been plunged into the dark world of morning.

Auntie Jemimah is mourning the loss of her unborn baby.

The comedian took to her Facebook page on October 1, to announce the sad news to her community of fans, supporters and followers and to mention that she would be taking a break from her acting to mourn the loss.

She, however, indicated that her unborn daughter died on Wednesday, September 29 - two days to her public announcement.

"On 29:9:21, my girl arrived at 34 weeks, sleeping.I held her in my arms and said goodbye," wrote the acclaimed comedian and Gukena FM radio presenter.

"I am broken, oh so broken that there was nothing I could do to bring her back life."

"I therefore will be taking a sabbatical to mourn my Nduta the best way I know how and for as long as it takes. Thank you for the love and support. Auntie will be back," she concluded her message.

Her announcement came as a shock to many as she recently filmed her regular YouTube skits seemingly healthy and with ease despite being heavily expectant.

A few hours before she made her announcement, gospel musician Linnet Munyali, alias Size 8, had made some chilling revelations on how she had to undergo an emergency abortion to save her own life.

Size 8, who is married to gospel Disc jokey, DJ Mo, revealed that she had to abort her third unborn baby following the advise of her doctor.

The singer revealed that her health was at risk as she had suffered high blood pressures of astronomical proportions.

In a bid to stabilise the blood pressure that was going over the roof, the singer narrated that she had to undergo an emergency surgery and have the abortion, on the advise of her doctor. condoles with the two mums and their families during the tough period.