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Jalang'o Offers Kshs 100K Reward To Help Trace Employees Who Stole From Him

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
Lang'ata parliamentary hopeful Jalang'o and his employees who stole from him. COURTESY
Lang'ata parliamentary hopeful Jalang'o and his employees who stole from him. COURTESY

Media personality and Lang'ata Parliamentary aspirant Felix Odiwuor  popularly known as Jalang'o has offered a Kshs 100,000 reward to anyone who is privy to the whereabouts of two of his employees who allegedly stole from him on Saturday, June 4.

The comedian took to his Instagram account to make the announcement, claiming that the two , Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema, committed the act when they were tasked with cleaning his car and made away with an lump-sum amount which he declined to share.

Their phones went off immediately they fled, and Jalango'o had put out an alert stating that he was aware that were on the run with their families.

“Eli and Litiema are on the run. This morning they stole money from a car they were washing at home. Their phones are off and they are running with their families. If you see them, please report to the nearest police station. A reward of 100k for any information leading to their arrest,” stated Jalan’go.

The two were trusted allies to the hopeful, as they were first acquainted with him during his stint as a radio presenter at Media Max's  Milele FM when they were working as construction site casual labourers at a building close to the station's premises.

They usually waited for him at the gate after his show, and not long afterwards a friendship blossomed which resulted into their employment as his grounds managers at his home in September 2018.

"What surprised us the most on the first day was the food that we were given. At lunchtime, we were given ugali and some liver. It was a good feeling bearing in mind that we had been working at a place where we would be given boiled githeri on a daily," Litiema stated in a past interview.

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