Nairobi Diaries' Mishi Dorah In Court Over Unpaid Bar Bills

Fridah Wangechi | 2 years ago
Nairobi Diaries' actress Mishi Dorah in court PHOTO:The Nation

Diana Clara Ojenge popularly known as Mishi Dorah who starred in Nairobi Diaries reality show had a date in court after she was charged with obtaining Kshs 152,550 credit by false pretenses in a dine and dash incident at a city restaurant.

Dorah was arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts where she was facing the allegations of incurring the lump sum bill after dining and consuming expensive liquor at the Golden Bistro at Next Gen Mall in South C on Mombasa Road in Nairobi on the night of May 26 leading to the morning of May 27.

She allegedly made an order of two chicken breasts valued at Kshs 3000, one cocktail drink valued at Kshs 2,000 , two bottles of 300ml coke valued at Kshs 500, a one litre bottle of mineral water valued at Kshs 400 and three bottles of Redbull energy drink valued at Kshs 1,650.

Additionally the court heard that she placed another large order of the expensive drinks, including six bottles of Belaire Luxe 750ml champagne valued at Kshs 75,000 and seven Hennessy VS 750ml valued whisky at Kshs 70,000.

She proceeded to enjoy the drinks with her friends, with the assurance that she would pay knowing very well that she was not intending to foot the bill.

When it was time to pay, she allegedly claimed that her bank card had a problem , and asked if she could go to her house in the company of two of the establishment's attendants to collect some cash to cater for the bill, but she still did not pay.

The actress then requested that she be given until Monday , May 30, to settle her arrears with the promise that she would pay, and later went to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to meet an artist.

From then, phone calls from the restaurant  to her went unanswered and the management resorted to report her at the Akila Police station, where she was traced and arrested.

She was arraigned in court and denied the charges, pleading for leniency from Principal Magistrate Monicah Maroro in her bail and bond terms.

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