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Affordable Housing For Mukuru Slums

Joy Waweru | 5 months ago
Affordable Housing Plan for Mukuru slums
Affordable Housing Plan for Mukuru slums

The government has rolled out a master plan for home ownership by city residents

Kenyans will now pay between 3000 to 10000 shillings monthly as a mortgage to acquire ownership of the 15000 affordable houses under construction.

This is in line with the government's agenda for affordable housing.

Bedsitters will go for 30000 one bedroom for 5000 and two bedrooms for 6500 for twenty years.

This program is rolled out under the social housing tenant purchase scheme.

Under the mortgage plan, one bedroom will go for sh 6,6000 and two bedroom 10000 shillings.

President Ruto stated the Mukuru project will put up 15000 housing units. Markets, schools, clinics, and hospitals will be part of the services offered in the residential areas.

President Ruto spoke during an inspection of the multi-million project.

The project was located on a 55-acre land that was previously owned by the Kenya Meteorological Department.

The project targets Mukuru residents that are currently slum dwellers. The Mukuru slums sit on about 700 acres of land.

"We want to turn the rent into a mortgage so that they can own the houses after 20 years. The sh.3000 they are paying for rent there, they will come and pay as a mortgage," he said.

The construction of the first five blocks is underway.

The construction entailed sewer lines, drainage, internal infrastructure and roads, a fire station, a shopping center, and a kindergarten.

"This is the only place you pay to go to the toilet, pay more for water and electricity than in other parts of Nairobi, and yet these are the people who are at the bottom of the pyramid," president Ruto stated.

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