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Irony as Atheists Support Church Ban on Politicking in Religious Functions

akirimi | 1 year ago

Nairobi, September 13

The Atheists in Kenya Society has lauded the decision by the Church to ban politicians from addressing religious gatherings.

In a statement to newsrooms, the society's president, Harrison Nyende Mumia, said they support the move by the Anglican Church and its leadership to forbid politicians from using the church to advance their agenda.

"The Atheist in Kenya Society fully supports the move by the Anglican Church's leadership to forbid politicians from using the church as a platform to advance their political agenda," said the Society in the statement.

The group further noted that Kenya is a liberal democracy and these gains should not be abused by politicians who are out to advance selfish interests.

"Kenya, as a liberal democracy, will only thrive where the secular and religious domains keep a safe distance from each other."

The group specifically singled out Deputy President, William Ruto, accusing him of cultivating a culture of Christian nationalistic image to suit his political ambitions, including running for the presidency in the Tuesday, August 9, 2022 elections.

"We would like, in particular, to caution Kenyans against the Deputy President, William Ruto, who in our view has cleverly cultivated a Christian nationalistic image, subtly appropriating Pentecostal language in his public speeches," warned the society.

The society also asked the Deputy President to refrain from glorifying poverty in his campaigns as well as taking advantage of the most vulnerable in the society.

"The Deputy President should stop taking advantage of the socio-economic vulnerabilities of unemployed youth," added the society.

The remarks followed just a day after the Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader and presidential hopeful, Musalia Mudavadi, led a battalion of politicians in walking out of a church service after the leadership denied them an opportunity to politick.

Mudavadi and a section of leaders allied to him walked out in protest, leaving behind former Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader, Raila Odinga, who was part of the congregation.

Mudavadi, who is also a member of the One Kenya Alliance (OKA), is seeking the country's top job and has expressed optimism that he will emerge victorious.

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