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Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza On The Spot Over Irregular Appointments

Joy Waweru | 5 months ago
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza On The Spot Over Irregular Appointments
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza On The Spot Over Irregular Appointments
The philanthropist turned politician won the heart of Meru voters in the August polls securing her the gubernatorial seat. Barely two months into office,however, trouble is courting Kawira Mwangaza left right, and center.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission  (EACC)
has flagged Meru county appointments as illegal and a gross violation of the constitution.
Kawira Mwangaza has appointed her husband Murega Baichu to two county government positions.

Allegations by the EACC border on Nepotism, conflict of interests, and irregular appointments.

Murega Baichu was appointed to be the youth service patron and an ambassador for hustlers in the country. He has also been castigated for accompanying the governor to all official functions

Despite the governor stating that the posts would be on a voluntary basis, the EACC maintains that his appointment would result in a conflict of interests.

Talib Mbarak, the EACC Chief Executive also queried the rationale behind Baicu attending official functions and delegating functions to county employees despite him not being a state officer.

Kawira Mwangaza has also allegedly appointed two of her sisters to county positions.
One has been appointed to serve in the security detail while the other works as her assistant.
Mwangaza employed her acting director of communication Hillary Mutuma and janitor in county government positions.
Mr.Mutuma also doubles up as the county government spokesperson.

The appointment of her kin, Twalib Mbarak notes violates the constitutional requirement of the recruitment of a state officer.

In addition, the Meru County boss has been accused of compelling county staff to use social media as an Avenue to praise her government.
The anti-graft institution has also faulted her for directing county work to her family-owned media station Baite TV.

Also on the list of her woes is the irregular spending of county funds after authorizing the Meru Teaching And Referral Hospital to spend its revenue at source to offset the shortage of pharmaceuticals and other non-pharmaceutical supplies.

Kawira Mwangaza is currently embroiled in a tussle with her Members of the County Assembly.

Mwangaza made her debut in active politics in 2013

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