Six Reasons Why Your Contraception May Fail

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Six Reasons Why Your Contraception May Fail

When used properly contraception is 99 percent effective. However on average one out of ten women get pregnant while still on contraception.

No one form of contraception is 100 percent therefore 10per cent failure rate is a pretty great odd.

The most common types of contraception include the progestin-only mini pill, emergency pill, birth control patch, diaphragm, intrauterine device, tubal ligation, and Cervical cap among others.

Here are some of the most common reasons you might get pregnant while still on contraception.

1)Incorrect use-for the best results, most birth control pills should be taken every day to maintain your hormones at a consistent level. Taking your pill outside the recommended window period may reduce its effectiveness increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

2)Improper storage-the injectables and ingestible pills need to be stored in certain environmental conditions. The ideal environment for storage is a dry room at room temperature.

3)Other medications -some medications interfere with birth control that’s why you should consult with your doctor about which methods will work best for you especially if you’re on medication for some other conditions. Some of these medications include antibiotics antifungal migraine medications and Herbal medications.

4)The patch is hormonal but sticks to the skin. If detached and not replaced the birth control method will most definitely fail.

5)Intra-uterine devices may fail if placed incorrectly by the healthcare provider or if it’s expelled from the uterus.

6)Obesity-having high bass metabolic rate automatically affects the rate at which you metabolize your birth control pills. A high metabolism means there may not be enough pills left in the bloodstream to do their job.

How To prevent your birth control from failing

1)Use two forms of contraception simultaneously. for example, you can use a hormonal method with a non-hormonal method to maximize the effectiveness 

2)Track your dates with app-ingestible pills only work within a certain window period. Most range from 3 to 72 hours. It is imperative to get the timing correct.

3)Explore alternatives that do not require daily effort. This way you minimize the risk of forgetting and getting unplanned pregnancies.

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