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Facebook Users and Cambridge Analytica To Settle Law Suit

Joy Waweru | 4 months ago
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Settle on the Privacy Breach FILE:COURTESY
Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Settle on the Privacy Breach FILE:COURTESY

Facebook has begun initial agreements that will lead to an overall settlement of the suit regarding the violation of the privacy of Facebook users.

This matter came about in 2018 when Facebook users(the aggrieved party in this case)accused the meta-owned business of violating their right to privacy by sharing users' data with third-party companies like Cambridge Analytica.

The Cambridge Analytica firm was directly involved in steering former President’s Donald Trump win in the 2016 general elections.

The data granted from Facebook was used to exploit users and steer them toward Donald Trump as the ideal Presidential candidate.

The uproar saw several users delete their accounts and was perceived as a ‘data broker and surveillance firm apart from being a social network.

Going by an affidavit filed at a San Francisco court on Friday, Facebook revealed that it was submitting a draft “agreement in principle” and had requested a stay of two months to allow the legal team complete the said issue.

However, the amount of money to be paid in damages and the terms of the agreement are not clearly outlined in the agreement.

The agreement has come shortly before September when Meta-business CEO was meant to testify in a court of law alongside his former Chief Operating Officer who has recently resigned.

Following the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Measures Facebook  has taken to protect Users' Data Include:

•Restricting the use and accessibility of users' data from third parties such as apps suspected of exploiting the data.

•Reduced the amount of data that developers are privy to.

•Easened the process of users recalibrating the restrictions on the personal sharing of data.

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