How healthy(or not )is your workplace?

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Signs of a toxic work culture FILE:COURTESY

First things first, a toxic workplace is  where employees have a hard time progressing in terms of career,where communication channels are distorted and affect your mental and emotional wellbeing negatively.

Do you feel undervalued,nervous and overly-criticized in your place of work?You could be working in a toxic work environment.

Toxicity in the workplace is a topic that seems to come up alot,atleast nowadays especially from Millenials and Gen Z.

These two groups have proven time and again that they will quit employment at the slightest inconvenience.

Whether or not they are justified to behave the way they do is a story for another day.

For today lets talk about the signs of a toxic workplace.Shall we?

What Are Some Of The Signs Of A Toxic Work Culture

•Poor communication-in a toxic work cuture,commuication is only one way and there usually is no avenue for feedback.Communication therefore is purely instructional from the top management to junior employees.That’s a red flag.A healthy environment supports honest and open two-way communication.

In a toxic work culture,communication is used to assert dominance.

•Bullying and exclusion-Insead of resolving issues through proper communication channels,some work cultures embrace gossipy behaviour.Forming cliques while sidelining others is toxic as workplace should be all-inclusive.

•High turn-over rate-Are employees always leaving in search of ‘greener pastures’?

Once in a while members of staff leave to take up better promising jobs.But when it is the order of the day it could mean there are unresolvable stalemates.

•No work-life balance-A healthy work environment allows time for relaxation and personal life.You might work overtime once in a while and thats okay.But when you are constantly working overtime withou tproper compensation,you have it-sign of a toxic workplace.

•There is little or no career progression-besides working for the advancement of a company,a great workplace should afford you the opportunity to grow yourself as a person.For example train you on extra skills,offer promotions and holidays and offer school leave.

This happens when company leadership is tooo fixated on achieving business goals and showing no regard for employees’ wellbeing.

•Non-specified Job Descriptions-when an employee has their own job description ,it becomes easier to meet deadlines and track performance.Non-specificity majorly happens in small firms where you may be required to undertake more than one role due to lack of finances to hire new staff

•Lack of full-term commitment-Some employers will be adamant about offering you a work contract for obvious reasons.Without a work contract,you could be fired arbitrarilyand fail to be compensated as per the requirements of the law.

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