How To Affordably Spruce Up The Interior Decor Of Your Home

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
How To Affordably Spruce Up The Interior Decor Of Your Home

Have you been planning to spruce up your house's interior space but on a budget? Worry not. This article will give you the dos and don ts of interior decor. After all your home is where you spend most of your time, so why not make it as cozy and as inspiring as possible

Incorporate wall art and fixtures

•DIYs-roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. For ideas and tutorials on techniques and execution, Pinterest and youtube are your friends.

•Do a repaint-Opt for neutral colours as house paint. Go for colours such as white and shades of white. Neutral colours never run out of style. In addition, they complement really nicely with other fabrics and other shades. Bright colours do not blend in well with other items in the household and may also make the house look busy.

•Refurbish instead of making new purchases-you might have an old couch or coffee table lying around the house. There is nothing a good fundi cant do to restore the item until it looks as good as new. It is both economical and functional.

This will save you a lot of coins but you have to leave room for disappointment in case the final outcome is not what you had imagined.

•Look out for annual sales-for example in November most furniture decor and household items shops run black Friday sales. Take advantage of the sales to get the same quality of products at just a fraction of the normal price.

•Incorporate flowers and plants into your decor-plants add a pop of colour and life into your space. With potted plants, however, you’ve got to be extremely careful to nourish them and keep them alive. Plants' natural habitat is the outside. They thrive in the outdoors due to access to sunlight and oxygen which facilitates photosynthesis.

•Mirror Mirror on the wall-mirrors give an illusion of expansive space in your home. Place the mirror strategically in such a way that it reflects direct sunlight. Mirrors add luxe and subtle aesthetic to your space.

•Declutter your space-Is your storage space full of defunct items? Try reselling to people that may need it or donate to charity. Clutter makes your space look disorganized. Be minimalistic in terms of what you purchase. Let go of items you no longer use to maintain that clean aesthetic.

•Settle for a specific theme- you could settle for a rustic or modern touch. The theme you choose should be reflected in the choice of your furniture your decor to your utensils. This way you create some coordination and harmonious flow in your living space.