How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Wedding In Kenya

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
How To Plan a Budget-Friendly Planning In Kenya

Weddings are one of the most expensive events there ever is in one’s lifetime. Couples go over and beyond to throw a lavish wedding to impress friends and family even at the expense of depleting life savings. These are the ones that succumb to the pressure that is Instagram. If in case the money the couple had set aside seems insufficient to cater to the prevailing demands, you might find yourself in the infamous WhatsApp groups whose sole purpose is to raise funds for the wedding.

On the other hand, some couples are relatively frugal and always looking for ways to cut down the budget. If you belong to this rare breed then by all means this is for you.

These are practical tips that you can use to cut down your budget because there is absolutely no reason to get into debt for a day’s affair. While at it, take care of needs before splurging on unnecessary wants.

First, not everyone needs to get the invite. Yes, as ‘UnAfrican’ as that may sound it will work for budget weddings. Inviting more people means catering to the costs of each individual. Pick only the closest of friends and closest of family. This will help you cut down on food and drinks. Some venues charge per head. Do the math.

Secondly, go for a rented gown as opposed to a custom-tailor-made dress. The cost of some of the high-end gowns is ridiculous. Given that you will only need that gown for one day, no need to splurge on it. Well, unless you have set aside the budget for that.

The cost of renting a gown could range from Ksh.25000 all the way to Ksh.100,000 depending on fabric and design.

Thirdly Photography. After the day is long gone photos are the one thing that keeps memories alive. I highly suggest you do not compromise on this one. After all, you want to keep them for generations to come. 

Fourthly, you might want to onboard a wedding planner. Wedding planners are familiar with the industry owing to years of experience they will therefore make the planning process a whole lot easier. The planning process can get tedious a planner is the helping hand you need.

Last but most importantly, your wedding venue will greatly determine how much you will spend on the wedding. Churches give free venues for weddings. Gardens that are out of town are also relatively cheap as well. Your budget will guide you on this.

It is important to note that expensive does not always denote quality. Run a background check on your work portfolio and consult widely before engaging service providers.

If push comes to shove, you can consider officiating your marriage at the Attorney General’s office. You will only part with about 20,000 Kenyan shillings for the marriage license and other facilitations.

Good luck!

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