Tips on Being Productive Working From Home -Kenya

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago

Remote working was thrust into popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks for technology ,we can now work from anywhere in the world. You do not  have to worry about morning traffic or evening rush hour.

How then do you ensure that you put in your undivided 8-5 work schedule so that you are not caught off guard with huge workloads beyond the deadline? This tips will help you level up working remotely

•Find a work-life balance-set ground rules  with people you live with to give you conducive environment for work. This includes knowing when to do home chores and when to fully focus on your job. Set an alarm, start your day early it keeps you motivated through the day.

•Designate a home office-create a great workspace that gets your creative juices running. Your home office should be devoid of distractions such as clutter and noise. Keep your documents at a central location so that hey are safe and easily accessible.

•Team unity and cohesiveness-how can you build relationships with colleagues while working remotely? Schedule calls and meet-ups to keep the team spirit alive. Do not isolate yourself, unity is strength.

•Create a routine and stick to it-have a set time to start the days work and when to close the laptop and attend to your family. A routine will create consistency and discipline. Maximise on your productive hours.

•Look for training and mentorship opportunities– to remain relevant or become an authority in your field

•Exercise regularly-take regular breaks and walk outside for some fresh air. Working from home can turn you into a workaholic but that should not be the case.

•Set actionable goals -it is important to measure the work put in in light of the goals set. This way you can be able to analyse if you are on the right track or not.

•Create or utilize available systems such as Google docs,dropbox or box to share and collaborate on tasks .For seamless communication and monitoring of projects, there are channels such as slack and trello among others.

•Dress professionally -it puts you in the correct headspace for work.

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