Blow To Kawira Mwangaza As Impeachment Hovers Over Short Reign

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza. PHOTO:The Nation

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is now facing impeachment just two months after she was sworn in as county boss.

In a petition filed by one Salesio Thuranira, Kawira Mwangaza is being accused of abuse of office and gross misconduct and hence seeking orders to empower MCAs to oust her.

Meru assembly clerk Jacob Kirari who received the petition stated that the petition is under review by the court to determine if it satisfies the threshold and if it sails through and receives support from the ward representatives, they would have the power to impeach her.

The embattled governor has been at loggerheads with the MCAs, as witnessed during Wednesday, October 19 where they walked out during her governor's address in protest over her alleged behaviour towards them.

They accused her of being hostile and condescending, as their attempts to seek her input in county matters have hit a snug with  ignored calls from Mwangaza.

“As an assembly consisting of 69 members, we have resolved not to listen to the governor's address. The reason is that, we have sought an audience with the governor for the last two weeks, seeking to have a sitting with her so that we can discuss the way forward on how we are going to work for the people of Meru, which has been to no avail," said one of the legislators.

Kawira admitted that she removed the MCAs from the county WhatsApp Group after they failed to see eye to eye, and asked that they use official communication to reach her.

In the petition she is also accused of nepotism which has led her to be under the radar of the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission(EACC) after appointing her husband and kin to the county's public office.

“Her official driver is a husband to her personal assistant, her cousin is the county government spokesperson, and her husband is the Meru Youth Service patron. These appointments are not only irregular but illegal," stated Thuranira in the petition.

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