Details Discussed In Ruto’s First Cabinet Meeting

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Details Discussed In Ruto’s First Cabinet Meeting
President Ruto chaired his inaugural cabinet meeting at the Statehouse on November 10.

According to a despatch to members of the press, the meeting aimed at resolving key issues the country is grappling with among them food and drought, insecurity, and the implementation of the hustler fund.

To resolve the inflation and the record high cost of living canine decided to mandate the Kenya National Trading Corporation to undertake the required initiatives to mitigate the sharp economic downturns.

Part of KNTC’s mandate was to execute the Bildungsroman of sufficient food reserves in the country.

The Kenya National Trading Corporation will also implement and execute the provision of farm inputs and fertilizer to resolve the ongoing food crisis.


“KNTC will continue to partner with the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB)and local and regional financial intermediaries specializing in trade and commodity financing’” read the statement.

“It was noted that KNTC will leverage its infrastructure and capacity to help stabilize prices of all essential items in instances where price swings of essential items are abnormal and against the public interest.” the statement added.

Dues owed to road contractors were resolved through a bridge bond worth Ksh 92 Billion.

The government rubber-stamped projects that will deter a future food crisis. Such projects will include proactive investment in high-impact, large-scale water harvesting, storage, and distribution.

Cabinet also deliberated on means and ways to operationalize the hustler fund that will be dispensed via mobile technology.

Loans will be made available to individuals, micro-enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups.

The government also approved the 1 billion investment towards the Kabonyo Fisheries and Aquaculture Service and Training Centre of Excellence in Kisumu County. The center will be instrumental in training and researching f the aquaculture economy. In addition, it will be an avenue for sourcing raw materials for fertilizer production.


The review of the Competency-Based Curriculum was also a main agenda in the cabinet meeting. A report on the review of the CBC wa tabled alongside the preparation for national examinations.

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