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Drama at JKIA as Woman Rescued From Saudi Arabia Spots Her Travel Agent

Joy Waweru | 6 months ago
Drama at JKIA as Woman Rescued From Saudi Arabia Spots Her Travel Agent PHOTO:COURTESY
Drama at JKIA as Woman Rescued From Saudi Arabia Spots Her Travel Agent FILE:COURTESY

All hell broke loose when a woman rescued from the gulf spotted the agent that facilitated her travel to Saudi Arabia.

The lady identified as Nelly Chelagat descended upon her agent with kicks and hurled insults at her for allegedly abandoning her in Saudi Arabia to be tortured.

Onlookers and police officers in the vicinity had to stop the lady from roughing up the agent who seemed busy making a phone call.

A tearful Nelly questioned the agent on why she had left her helpless in Saudi Arabia.

She accused the agent of selling her to Saudia Arabia and leaving her to die. She narrated her harrowing experiences in the gulf sleeping in cells and drinking sewage water.

Nelly Chelangat recounted how she was denied food and water upon landing in Saudi Arabia.

Chelangat alleged that she had severally tried to reach the Kenyan embassy to no avail. It was not until Kenyans shared her plight on online platforms that the government rescued her.

She challenged the government to come to the aid of fellow ladies stuck in Saudi Arabia searching for greener pastures. She also queried why agents who traffic the ladies should be left to walk scot-free while their victims are languishing in Saudi Arabia.

This happened days after the plight of another Saudi Arabia victim Diana Chepkemooi went viral on social media.

Diana Chepkemoi was a student at Meru University before deferring her studies citing a lack of fees. Upon her return, however, the school gave her a full scholarship and flexible study hours to accommodate a part-time job.

Despite the harrowing experiences recounted about torture and slavery in Saudi Arabia, more people continue boarding planes headed to the gulf countries.

A delegate of the Association of the Skilled Migrant Agencies of Kenya(ASMAK)assured Kenyans that all was under control and the allegations would be looked into by the relevant authorities.

The organization also sounded an alarm to employees who are tarnishing the name of employers from Saudi Arabia.ASMAK representative claims that Saudi Arabia has improved some people’s lives.

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