Drunk Driver Kills Six In Horror Crash Along Eastern Bypass

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
The alleged driver of the ill-fated Prado that crashed into a tuktuko and matatu. COURTESY:Ma3route, Twitter

It was a horrific scene on the morning of Sunday, October 30, along the Eastern Bypass after a drunk driver rammed into a tuktuk,crashing it into a matatu killing six people on the spot. 

The man who was driving a Prado was reportedly speeding and  crashed into the vehicles just after Kamakis area ,and was captured on video unhurt pleading his case with members of the public who rushed  to the scene in response.

The highway has been flagged as a dangerous with many blackspots as road users complain of no road markings and no speed breakers on the killer route.

Police are yet to give a statement on the incident.

Netizens have called on state agencies such as National Transport and Safety Authority(NTSA), the National Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) to take swift action on the driver, to serve as an example for others who endangers the lives of other road users.

"Law enforcers need to deal with drunk driving once and for all. Parking areas around clubs and pubs are always full. Sadly these people will come back to their cars and drive home. How about people go to clubs using taxis," media personality DJ Soxxy stated.

"This guy is too drunk to even stand steady, why is he on the road driving? I really hope the law takes charge," another Twitter user named Ondieki Mose stated.

"Drunk driving as an offense deserves jail time. This is so sad," another user stated.

According to the Traffic Amendment Bill, a driver who is convicted of drunk-driving faces an two-year jail sentence or a Kshs 100,000 fine.

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