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Google Announces 30,000 Scholarships: How to Apply

Achieng Mary | 8 months ago
Screengrab of Google Offices
Screengrab of Google Offices

Google has announced an additional 30,000 Android and Google Cloud training opportunities for aspiring and professional developers in Africa.

In the announcement seen by, the tech giant is set to implement the programme in a move to increase the number of certified software developers in Africa through a partnership with Andela and Pluralsight.

"Opportunities for software developers in Africa are at an all-time high. At Google, we have been supporting developers in Africa through community and training programs for over 10 years," Africa Developer Training Program Manager John Kimani stated.

The announcement coincides with the global Google  I /O event, an annual developer conference where Google will be sharing more about Africa's booming developer ecosystem.

Those who wish to apply are advised to do so through the Google Scholarships

For more information about the program and application process, interested persons should visit the Plural.Website.

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