Google Rolls Out Interview Warmup To Prepare Interview Candidates On Questions

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Google Rolls Out Interview Warmup To Prepare Interview Candidates On Questions

In a bid to propel its “rise up” campaign and to “accelerate the economic recovery “of Sub-Saharan Africa Google inaugurated the Interview Warmup platform.

“We are excited about Interview Warmup because it shows how new technologies have the potential to help young people in Africa hone the skills needed to grow and their careers,” stated Aderemi-Makonde head of brand and reputation, Google Africa.

The tech company issued a statement on Tuesday stating that the new platform was meant to help the youth land their dream jobs.

The Platform dubbed ‘warmup had a great variety of questions catering to different career fields.

“Individuals preparing for interviews can simply practice with a simple click on the homepage, choose the kind of job they are interviewing for, and then do a practice interview that consists of five randomly selected questions or individual interview questions,” read the statement.

The program aims at building the confidence of interviewees in job interviews whether online or in-person.

According to Google, a job advertisement attracts about 2400 applications on average. Therefore chances of getting a job in Africa are minimal thereby broadening the joblessness bridge.

“Users will also be able to see insights: patterns detected by machine learning that can help them discover things about their answers. These include job-related terms, words used most often, and talking points that are mentioned in each answer, so users can see how much time they spend talking about their experience, skills, and goals.

The warmup platform can be accessed on Android and iOS devices at 

The interview warmup tool was initially designed for Google Career Certificates but now can cater to anyone across the board.

Linkedin had created a similar tool where it had an automated interview feedback tool. Users could record themselves answering common interview questions and review the feedback later on interview best practices.

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