Ezra Chiloba Explains How He Amassed Ksh800 Million Wealth by Age 46

Ezra Manyibe | 1 month ago
File image of Los Angeles Consular-General nominee Ezra Chiloba. |Photo| Courtesy|

Former Independent Electoral an Boundaries Commission (IEBC) CEO Ezra Chiloba was tasked to explain how at the age of 46, he had managed to accumulate wealth worth Ksh800 million while appearing before the National Assembly's Defence and International Relations Committee on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

The former IEBC CEO was being vetted for the Los Angeles Consular-General position.

Kamukunji Member of Parliament Yusuf Hassan asked Chiloba to justify how working as a civil servant all his life would have earned him the money he claims to be worth.

“There are some doubts about you. From what you have presented, you have never worked in the private sector. Meaning you have been in the public sector all your life yet you have an enormous Ksh800 million in wealth. Can you explain that?” Hassan posed.

Chiloba explained that his wealth is accrued from his ventures in agribusiness, consultancy and salaries.

“I have been very fortunate Mr chair because I started working while still in school in 2001.  Currently, I engage in agri-business and I plant and sell avocados in my farm in Kitale. Over the years, I have also been able to save money derived from formal employment and my consultancy business,” said Chiloba.

The Los Angeles Consular-General nominee was also tasked to explain why scandals seemed to follow him from one job to another, and why he stints at various positions were short lived.

“From your CV, you are restless. It shows you serve for a few years and at times even months then leave for another job. Can we really trust that you will stay should you be appointed for this job?” MP Hassan posed yet again.

Baringo Central MP Joshua Kandie sought to understand why Chiloba's stints at IEBC and the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) were scandal-ridden. He expressed concerns that his nomination to serve in Los Angeles may be another scandal in the making.

“I am afraid that this gentleman will go to Los Angeles and give us another scandal,” said Kandie.

In his defence, Chiloba argued that he was cleared of any wrong doing at CA by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). He further stated that many positive things he did while at IEBC are swept under the rag with a focus on only what went wrong.

“When I served at IEBC, I did my best to turn it around but focus has always been on what went wrong. There is a lot I did at the commission that even contributed to the prosperity of last year’s elections," he explained.

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