Last Moments Of Mihang'o Man Sprayed With 36 Bullets In Broad Daylight

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
A screengrab of the footage of the shooting scene. PHOTO:The Nation

The shocking details of the last moments of Kevin Otieno who was murdered in broad daylight in a shooting in Mihang'o ,Utawala in Nairobi have been revealed, detailing the gruesome manner in which he was executed, where gunmen pumped 36 bullets into his body.

Otieno was killed in cold blood on Friday, September 23, and the shooting was captured on video by an eyewitness who handed the footage to the Nation in confidence owing to the gravity of the case.

The slain man was reportedly making his way home from Naivas Supermarket in the company of a lady and as they approached his apartments on Mihang'o, Nairobi, he received a phonecall that was quite lengthy, almost more than a half an hour long,  that it attracted the attention of eavesdroppers within their vicinity.

Otieno even stopped walking and sat on building blocks close to the residence as the lady stood at a distance waiting for him to finish the call.

In fact, one person recalled that it was during the phonecall that the 23- year-old Otieno revealed his whereabouts, telling the caller to come meet him at his house as he would be around for the day.

It was then during the phone call that two vehicles, a white Land Cruiser and a grey double cabin Toyota Hilux, appeared and commotion started.

“The two vehicles were being driven at a high speed, moments later we all heard someone shout, ndio huyo mkora mshike (that’s the thug, get him!),” a witness stated.

This is seen as a ploy by the assailants to close in on Otieno as immediately the vehicles stopped, the gunmen jumped out and began shooting at him from the back , rendering him helpless as he tried to hold on to a mason who was working at a nearby construction site.

The mason took to his heels and escaped unhurt as the gun attack continued.

“The gunmen quickly followed Otieno to where he was lying and continued shooting at him. Everyone was shocked as the gunshots rendered the air,” recalled another eyewitness.

Some of the other gunmen ran after the woman who was with Otieno as she had already began screaming in fear, and demanded that she keep quiet as it was attracting attention. She was then forcefully bundled into the Land Cruiser as seen in the clip.

All this was happening as the other two gunmen who had been tasked with executing Otieno continued felling him with bullets, and as if this was not enough, one was captured kicking him to ascertain that he was dead. Eyewitness accounts reveal that they even shot him in the eyes.

It was a this moment that one of the men from the Land Cruiser joined the gunmen standing over Otieno's body and issued instructions.

Before they drove off, the gunmen asked two men who were near the scene of the shooting as it happened, to surrender their mobile phones which they destroyed with bullets and immediately left the scene.

The gunfire had now attracted the attention of more people who made their way to the scene to see what was happening and they informed the police of the incident.

They picked Otieno's body and it was taken to City Mortuary and he was booked as an unidentified male.

Reports have emerged that Otieno's killers had been baying for his blood , as he had managed to survive another assassination attempt two months ago where they had shot at his car that was being driven by his brother as they thought he would be driving it.

A senior detective attached to the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI) intimated to the Nation that Otieno's brother, Odhiambo was behind the wheel of theToyota Premio, in Mwiki, Kasarani sub-county, when it was sprayed with bullets. It was towed to the Kasarani Police Station.

“Those who sprayed the vehicle with the bullets believed that it was Mr Otieno who was driving it and not his brother,” said the officer, who sought anonymity revealed.

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