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Milestones of Uhuru Government

Joy Waweru | 8 months ago
President Uhuru Kenyatta FILE:COURTESY
President Uhuru Kenyatta FILE:COURTESY

While making his last address from State House, Uhuru Kenyatta declared that he is proud of his legacy and the milestones his administration has been able to achieve over the past decade.

He noted that the work of building a nation is a continuous process from one administration to another that builds on a more equitable, united, and prosperous Kenya.

 He noted that he had successfully taken over the baton handed to him by the late Mwai Kibaki.

In his speech, he described the country as having undergone a consequential transformation in every aspect.

The President is proud of the infrastructural development such as the newly built roads amounting to 11,500 kilometers doubling the number of kilometers constructed from the dawn of the republic to 2013.

Reinforced education and technical excellence.

Leading the nation successfully through the worst global pandemic in the health sector in over a century.

Uhuru’s government institutionalized free secondary education thus heralding a 100 percent transition policy from Primary to Secondary school.

To enhance the competitiveness of the labor force, the Uhuru government institutionalized the new Competency-Based Curriculum which seeks to nurture the innovativeness and creativity of the children.

Uhuru also noted that the security in the nation has been beefed up to enhance national development. The government reduced the crime rate, and acquisition of illicit firearms, and drastically reduced terrorism incidents among other security challenges.


Rolled out the devolution process as per the new constitution promulgated in 2010. To realize the dream of equitable development Uhuru’s administration has fostered and given impetus to the devolved system of governance. That way government is more closer to the people, therefore, serving the people more effectively with 2.5 Trillion transferred from the national government to the counties from 2013 to 2022.

Jubilee administration was able to fortify Kenya’s global footprint by joining as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council by amplifying Kenya’s voice on international peace and security peace matters.

The outgoing government has also fostered inclusivity and gender parity by elevating women's leadership and their participation in government in senior roles.


Other developments include fiber optics, power generation and transmission, ports, and bridges making Kenya an investment destination of choice.

Introduction of huduma services and e-citizen services more efficient and more accessible to all citizens.

Successfully spearheaded the transition from analog to digital television and radio spiraling the number of TV and radio stations

Diversified manufacturing and export sectors of the economy.

In the health docket, Kenyans have been connected to clean water and sanitation, issued NHIF cards, and construction of public health facilities.

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