Mixed Reactions After DPP Haji's Exposé On Kinoti's Coercion To Charge DP Gachagua

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji and former DCI Boss George Kinoti PHOTO: People Daily

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji has revealed that he was under pressure from the former Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti to charge Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua with fraud and other economic crimes during his stint at the National Irrigations Board.

He was speaking in an interview on KTN News on Sunday, October 30, where he said that he fell to the pressure imposed on him by the DCI, only to realise that the evidence against the DP who was then Mathira MP was falsified.

"On DP Gachagua’s charges, the decision was made on the threshold. We were pushed by DCI himself through the media. We felt there was sufficient evidence to charge but later we discovered the documents were forged,” he said.

This has hence sparked mixed reactions over the independence of ODPP, with many questioning his ability to remain firm in the face of external pressure and influence.

Haji also raised eyebrows after vowing to take action on Kinoti if indeed he broke any law regardless of the rising controversy surrounding his stint as the head of criminal investigations.

“George (Kinoti) was a colleague and I do not want to take advantage of the situation, but if the law was broken, that person will face the law, even if it is me,” Haji stated.

Some Kenyans opined that he(Haji) too was culpable of the fate that would befall Kinoti in the event that charges would be filed against him, as it appears that the ODPP enabled the DCI by prosecuting individuals without substantial evidence against them.

"You did nothing about Kinoti’s outrageous criminality for more than 4 years. Kinoti was your partner in crime. My view is that BOTH of you should face CHARGES for torture, misfeasance and abuse of power!" lawyer Miguna Miguna stated.

"If you were intimidated then, you can be intimidated now to drop the cases, that simple. You are as guilty as them,go to jail. We want strong men who can stand for the truth without fearing intimidations," another opined.

"What is the meaning of an independent office as per the Constitution? By this admission, Haji accepts that he’s incompetent to hold that office and should resign immediately. The DPP’s decision to CHARGE or NOT TO CHARGE should be based on his expertise as a LEGAL PRACTITIONER," one Khwifunda Mandas remarked.

Another section opined that Kinoti should have his right of reply, to give him a chance to shed light on the accusations leveled against him by Haji, especially following their strained working  relationship.

"Every story has two sides.Haji has had his screen telling moment, grant Kinoti his! This 'he said, they did, faked shenanigans' are toxic to our peaceful Country....WE CAN DO BETTER," Muthoni Kiarie stated.

"That Kinoti will not have a right of reply and the relationship between the two was bad which everyone knew," another pointed out.

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