'No Drama Queens',Rigathi Lists New DCI Boss Requirements

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and former DCI Boss Georg Kinoti. COURTESY

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has stated that the President William Ruto-led administration is in search for a new Director of Criminal Investigations, with an emphasis that the position be handled professionally by the next holder of the position.

Speaking during a live interview on Citizen TV on Sunday, October 2, the DP took jibes at former DCI boss George Kinoti, stating that the former head sleuth handled criminal matters in an unscrupulous manner, undermining the discretion  of the office by involving the press during critical investigations which then resulted in unnecessary attention to the dealings of the agency.

"We are looking for a professional DCI, not a politician, not a drama queen, not an actor. We want a DCI who will not spend time on drama and the press, who will investigate cases properly, get evidence, take people to court and get a conviction," the DP stated.

DP Gachagua castigated Kinoti for what he termed as public prosecution of individuals caught up in criminal cases through his  involvement of the media during investigations, only for the cases to not materialize and the real suspects managing to walk away scot-free.

The second in command recalled the 2018 National Youth Service(NYS) scandal where Kshs 9 billion was looted through fraudulent procurement deals as revealed by Kinoti to the media, where he announced to the arrest of the then NYS Director Richard Ndubai among other officials , who had been accused of acquiring Kshs 80 million in the scheme.

"You remember a time when they were saying that Kshs 9 billion has been stolen from the NYS, then they took a person to court for Kshs 80 million, then Kenyans were left wondering what happened to the 8.8 billion," Gachagua stated.

The DP was insistent on the new administration's plan to reinforce trust between Kenyans and law enforcement, and hence called for the next head sleuth to be result-oriented by complementing the National Police Service to see through success of criminal justice system through arrests and proper convictions.

"We want a DCI who is discreet and professional, to back the IG(Inspector General) and we want the IG to take charge," Gachagua maintained.

This comes six days after former DCI Boss George Kinoti resigned  as announced by President William Ruto during his cabinet unveiling on Tuesday, September 27.

“This afternoon I have received the resignation of DCI director George Kinoti. I have transmitted the same to the National Police Service to proceed with advertising that position,” Ruto said.

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) appointed Kinoti's deputy Massa Hamisi Salim as the interim Director of the Criminal Investigations until the position is filled.

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