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“Nobody Will Interfere With Your Car Allowances, Mileage Reimbursements, And With Your Mortgage That Is Your Entitlement,” Moses Wetangula Tells Mps

Joy Waweru | 1 week ago
Moses Wetangula addressing the legislators during the onset of the induction week at Safari Park Hotel FILE:NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Image:
Moses Wetangula addressing the legislators during the onset of the induction week at Safari Park Hotel FILE:NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Image:

During the one-week orientation for members of parliament held at the safari park in Nairobi, Moses Wetangula promised legislators that he will ensure their entitlements are restored.

"Nobody in their right frame of mind will interfere with your car allowances, mileage reimbursements, and with your mortgage and everything else you have been having because that is your entitlement," said Wetangula.

The National Assembly speaker has promised the member of parliament that the mortgage entitlements as well as the car allowances shall not be abolished.

He said that he would convene a meeting with Salaries Remuneration Commission to seek the way forward concerning the benefits the members of parliament previously enjoyed.

 as your speaker, I will ensure that we engage positively and we have advised SRC that they are not frustraters but facilitators of Members of Parliament to do their work. We can assure you that nothing will change; if it changes, it will not be substantial," he continued.

Wetangula assured legislators that in case there would be changes implemented, they would be negligible adjustments.

He also hinted that the SRC chair Lyn Mengich would be addressing the MPs during the induction at a later date.

Moses Wetangula also stated that he would make a pronouncement on the issue of remuneration at the end of the induction week after consultative deliberations with the SRC. 

During his address, he also urged the Members of parliament to acquaint themselves with the constitution as it will guide the parliamentary debates and bills discussed.

Lyn Mengich the chairperson of the SRC had announced that some allowances would be scraped as a result of a new review for the benefits of state officers.

The abolishment of the sitting and mileage allowances was aimed at easing the burden of the taxpayer as the wage bill currently stands at 930.5 Billion annually.

However, the structure of the basic salary would remain intact.

While making the decision the SRC  took into account factors such as job evaluation, salary surveys, economic outlook, deconsolidation of pay, as well as stakeholder engagement.

Moses Wetangula is also the incoming chairman of the Public Service Commission.

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