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Remarks Of Rigathi Gachagua, The Deputy President Of Kenya On Mashujaa Day Celebrations.

Joy Waweru | 5 months ago
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua addressing Kenyans at a previous function
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua addressing Kenyans at a previous function

1. Your Excellency, The President of The Republic of Kenya and The Commander-

In-Chief of The Kenya Defence Forces, Dr. William Samoei Ruto

2.Your Excellency The First Lady of The Republic of Kenya, Mama Rachel Ruto

3.Heads of States & Governments and their Representatives

4.The Chief Justice & President of The Supreme Court of Kenya Your Excellency

Martha Koome,

5. Speakers of the National Assembly and The Senate

6. The Governor of The Nairobi City County,

7. Your Excellencies Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Members of the

Diplomatic Corps

8. Elected Leaders, Distinguished and Invited Guests

9. Dear Kenyans,

10.Ladies and Gentlemen


I am delighted to join you all today in marking This Year’s Mashujaa Day

Celebrations at the historic Uhuru Gardens.

Your Excellency,

Allow me to first all Congratulate you on your election as the 5th President of

The Republic of Kenya on 9th August 2022; This being your First National

Celebrations of Mashujaa Day to officiate since assumption of The Executive Office of

The President of Republic of Kenya, it is a momentous occasion for the people of

Kenya and in the history of our Beloved Republic.

Mr. President

I also wish to congratulate all the elected leaders in the just concluded elections and

remind them that it is time to deliver; we cannot afford to waste a single minute.

We know Kenyans are suffering. No more talk. It is work. Tuchape Kazi sawasawa.

Your Excellency,

Allow me to most sincerely thank the people of Kenya for exercising their

constitutional right to vote; but more importantly, upholding peace before and after

election; Kenya is a mature democracy and indeed our great nation is back as an

island of peace.

Irrespective of our political differences, it is time to work and deliver. We Are All

Kenyans. This Is Our Nation, We are Rising Together.

This is the FREEDOM our forefathers fought for. This is the freedom Kenyans

voted for. No room for PAIN and SUFFERING.

Indeed, MR. PRESIDENT, Freedom Has Come!

Mr. President,

This day reminds us all of history; Our struggle and the blood shed by Kenyans; it

shows us the beauty of purpose, the beauty of Unity and purposeful living.

Our forefathers and Heroic Kenyans who we celebrate today from all phases of

our liberation and struggle, gave us a Nation we are proud of; This is our Country. We

are One People; we have a duty To Make This Nation Greater Than We Can

Imagine in all spheres of our lives.

Mr. President,

Your government; the Kenya Kwanza Government, has a plan to Make Kenya A

Great Nation as envisaged in our Manifesto where everyone matters, and every

hustle matters;

I want to assure you of my unprecedented support as your DEPUTY, round the

clock in delivering to the preople of the Republic of Kenya.

MR. PRESIDENT, The challenges that we face as a nation ranging from social, to

economic and political belong to all of us.

I call upon all Kenyans to each make a contribution everyday, in a simple or small

way, it matters; as they say in Kiswahili, “Umoja Ni Nguvu”! That is the Philosophy


Your Excellency,

Without further ado, it is now my humble pleasure and duty to welcome you to address


Ladies and gentlemen, Let us be upstanding!


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