Rogue Househelps Who Went Into Hiding Charged With Kshs32 Million Theft

Fridah Wangechi | 2 years ago
Ruth Kageha Livole and Violet Engesia Aluse before a Nairobi court on Monday, May 9, 2022 PHOTO:NATION

Two househelps were arraigned in court on Monday, May 9 to answer to charges of theft after they made away with approximately made away with Kshs 32 million belonging to their employer.

The two, Ruth Kageha Livole and Violet Engesa Aluse, were presented in court after sending the police on a week-long nationwide search and were nabbed on April 28 and 29 respectively, and of the lump sum amount allegedly stolen, only Kshs 3 million was recovered.

State Prosecutor James Machira told the court that they were arrested in different parts of the country, with one in Bungoma and the other in Nairobi, after their employer, a South Sudanese national identified Atong Amos Agok Juac reported that he was missing some of his valuables and cash.

The suspects were accused of stealing three gold rings, Ksh32.4 million (USD 280,000), and a black bag from their employer between April 15 and April 21 from Tipuwana Apartments in Karen, Nairobi which they denied.

Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Choi heard that one of the suspects, Aluse , was nabbed with Ksh580,000 (USD 5000) in her possession in the Riruta area of Nairobi by Police Constable Pamela Kaari.

The other suspect, Kaari, was apprehended in Bungoma County and was found with Ksh2.9 million (USD 25,000).

They are charged with theft and handling of money with the knowledge that it had been illegally obtained.

The court allowed them to apply for bond, which the prosecution agreed to noting that the matter was bailable.

Livole was freed on a Kshs5 million bond while Aluse was released on a Kshs2 million bond.

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