Ruto explains police deployment in Haiti amid North Rift banditry attacks

Ezra Manyibe | 3 weeks ago
President William Ruto during a meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House in Washngton D.C on Thursday, May 23, 2024. |Courtesy| PCS|

President William Ruto on Thursday, May 23, 2024, explained why Kenya is deploying police to Haiti despite ongoing bandit attacks in the country.

While addressing a joint press conference with US President Joe Biden at the White House, the head of state noted that Kenya has taken the necessary measures to combat banditry in the country.

President Ruto stated that 2,000 police officers along with 3,000 Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers have been deployed in the North Rift to combat banditry.

"We have also renovated 15 schools that were destroyed by the bandits and reopened 20 schools that were closed. The exercise is still ongoing," he said.

The head of state further explained that the issue of banditry will not prevent Kenya from being a good neighbour or being involved in international peacekeeping missions.

"We have made tremendous progress in making sure that we create security at home but that does not take away our responsibility. Even as we deployed troops and police to sort out the banditry problem we still deployed 1,000 troops to DRC Congo because that is our neighbour," he said.

"We have deployed 5,000 troops in Somalia because that is equally our responsibility and Haiti should not be an exception. Deploying 1,000 troops to Haiti speaks of the same belief and commitment."

This comes after 200 officers drawn from elite Recce squad, Rapid Deployment Force and Special Operation Group, were deployed to Port-au-Prince, Haiti this week.

Kenya is expected to deploy 1000 police officers to lead the Haiti peacekeeping mission.

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