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US-Based Kenyan Serial Killer Slapped With Additional Sentence After Life Imprisonment

Fridah Wangechi | 7 months ago
Accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir in a court for his sentencing. PHOTO: Dallas News
Accused serial killer Billy Chemirmir in a court for his sentencing. PHOTO: Dallas News

Texas-based Kenyan nurse Billy Chemirmir who was handed a life imprisonment conviction for killing an 81-year old woman after suspicions of killing 21 more has been slapped with a second conviction.

This is after the Frank Crowley Court in Dallas County found him guilty of killing 87-year-old Mary Brooks in her Richardson home in 2018 and was again sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In the less than 30-minute long deliberation that had succeeded a week long trial, the Dallas County jurors found him guilty after evidence linked the 49-year-old to the murder even after he denied the charges.

Brooks was found dead in her apartment by her grandson David Cudehee on January 31, 2018.  This was after cases of 22 murders of elderly women rippled through Northern Texas, raising eyebrows over the similarity of the circumstances in which the deceased were found.

It is alleged that Chemirmir followed Brooks from a Far North Dallas Walmart to her homes, where he smothered her. Her death initially looked natural and, prosecutors said, he made off with her precious heirlooms.

Earlier in the year he was found guilty of killing 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in the similar manner after evidence pinned him as the main suspect. He was sentenced to life in jail without parole.

He was accused of smothering Harris to death and making away with her valuables worth Kshs 78,000 (USD 700) that were found in his car that included her house keys. During his arrest he stated that he was a jewellery dealer and that he had purchased the items not knowing that they belonged to a dead woman.

Chemirmir who moved to the United States in 2003 upon invitation by his sister, worked at various independent elderly homes in Dallas, and began his killing spree after his falling out with her in 2014.

He would target elderly women who lived independently at apartments attached to the elderly homes, where he conducted the murders and robberies.

This comes as a reprieve to the families of his victims seeking justice for the murders of their loved ones, after the prosecution  promised to ensure that Chemirmir would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“Billy Chemirmir will die in a state penitentiary,” stated Dallas County District Attorney John Creutoz who was proud of the progress in seeking justice for the 22 families affected.

Billy’s lawyer Phillip Hayes on the other hand maintained that evidence against his client was circumstantial, and that it could be a plot to keep an innocent man behind bars.

“It may put him in the area of an alleged murder, but it doesn’t prove he was the killer. It seems like every unexplained death they come up with, they’re pinning on him,” Hayes was quoted by the Dallas Morning News as saying.

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