Vindication As Aisha Jumwa Toughs Out Intense CS Vetting

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
Former Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa COURTESY

Former Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa's appeared before the National Parliamentary Vetting Committee on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 18 ready to face tough questions on her eligibility as the Public Service Cabinet Secretary in the Kenya Kwanza government.

Jumwa had prepared well for the probing exercise,as she managed to tackle difficult questions with eloquence and poise, taking her time to delve into each matter fluently even as naysayers worried about her prowess in expressing herself in English as she is more proficient in Swahili.

The nominee began by declaring her wealth, which she reveale was Kshs 100 million that she has amassed from her pension from parliament, which is significantly less than her counterparts who have since been vetted.

"I have a house in Malindi and in Nairobi. Those two combined are 85 million and the rest are side hustles. I am a hustler. I have 2 cars and the rest were salaries which I stopped earning in September," she stated.

Matters concerning her academic qualifications arose especially after her certificates were up for verification, with MPs probing her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education grade, after it emerged that she went back to school in her adulthood to complete her examinations in 2011 after scoring a D grade.

She defended her grade, stating that it was a testimony to anyone that can make it and that she sought to be a role model to girls in the country after going through a difficult childhood where she was forced in an early marriage and dropped out owing to lack of fees, which she narrated amid tears.

“No one should lose hope for failing in school, I am sure I am a role model to many girls out there that despite getting a D minus in KCSE, one can still succeed,” she told MPs vetting her for the CS job.

"I had to take myself to class after dropping in form 2. I think that's not a qualification (KCSE Grade) to judge Aisha Jumwa on sitting in the cabinet. The person who nominated me to this position did his due diligence and saw that I am fit if approved by parliament," she defended.

When asked about her abrasive nature portrayed on the political front, she noted that she was on a path of change, which she termed as diligent silence, as she understood that holding a CS position demanded respect for the office serving Kenyans.

Regarding matters concerning her criminal cases, Jumwa was shed light on her murder case in which she was implicated for the killing of Michael Ngumbao in 2019 in Ganda Ward in Kilifi County, maintaining that she was innocent and that the matter was politically instigated.

“I am clear in my mind that I never shot anyone because I don’t own a gun.I am not a gun holder and I don’t know the names of the guns in this country,” the nominee pointed out.

She further stated that since her the case began, she had not been mentioned as a direct suspect and even examinations in the firearm used in the shooting cleared her of not being involved.

“There are three witnesses who testified and none mentioned my name.The ballistic examinations done also didn’t link me,so am I innocent until proven guilty,” she said.

This comes hours after Ngumbao's family applied to drop the murder case against the vocal politician and settle the matter out of court.

Jumwa had written to the DPP and High Court seeking to have her turned into a state witness and the agency has since confirmed receipt of her letter.

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