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Subtle Tell -Tale Signs of the Super-wealthy

Joy Waweru | 5 months ago
Tell -Tale Signs of the Super-wealthy
Tell -Tale Signs of the Super-wealthy

Being super wealthy is a process, not just an end. It's not only about making money but how you invest it and grow it. It's all about mindset.

When you meet them, most of the time you can never really know until you engage in a conversation with these people and probably run a background search.

They almost certainly look like any other person along the street. But if you look keenly, you can tell apart individuals of high net worth. Here is a compilation of subtle signs that scream ‘I'm rich!!'.

However, please keep an open mind, you might meet some that will either challenge or reinforce these biases.

•They are highly influential and properly connected-need services from state agencies to the police service from a particular financial institution. These ones always ‘know someone for the job’.Business deals thrive on friendships and connections. Maybe because money makes you lovable and influential in your circle?

•Extremely knowledgeable-the super-wealthy will tell you about the world economy, world history the geo-political climate, science, technology, and even more importantly profitable investment ventures. Yes, indeed, knowledge is truly wealth.

•Experiences over possessions- Apart from acquiring possessions, money allows us to travel, experience new cultures, and meet new people and that's exactly what the super wealthy use their money to do.

•Quality over price-While its true high price is not always equal high quality, the super-wealthy do not mind parting with an extra coin to get the highest quality available. The price tag is almost always a non-factor.

•Time is money-and since they have plenty of money the super wealthy have a suspiciously huge amount of free time. You will find them playing golf on a Monday morning.

At this level of financial freedom, you can afford to hire teams to work for you as you leave your best life otherwise known as paying for convenience.

•Privacy over fame-in this social media era, you might be tempted to parade your entire life on social media.Not so for the rich. In fact, they have a non-existent social media profile.

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