Dramatic Save As US Coach Dives To Rescue Fainting Swimmer In Competition

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
The coach saves the swimmer who was drowning in the pool. PHOTO:Getty Images

It was a dramatic scene at the World Aquatics Championships  after a professional swimmer who was participating in an artistic synchronized competition fainted mid-routine leading her coach to dive into the pool in her rescue.

The 25-year old swimmer identified as Anita Alvarez has just completed her  solo free final at the championships held in Budapest, Hungary on Wednesday, June 22, when she fainted and sank to the bottom of the pool.

Her coach, Andrea Fuentes, who had witnessed the athlete gradually losing consciousness and began sinking, dove fully clothed into the pool to pull Alvarez up to the surface.

By the time Fuentes got to her on the floor of the pool, she was not breathing, and propped her on her own body where she dragged her to the surface on one side of the pool and she received emergency first aid. Alvarez regained consciousness shortly.

She was then taken to the pool's medical center and her team issued a statement saying that she was okay and was doing well according to doctors.

“It was a big scare. I was scared because I saw she was not breathing, but now she is doing very well. She only had water in her lungs, once she started breathing again everything was OK.” Fuentes was reported saying.

"Anita's solo was so good too, it was her best performance ever, she just pushed through her limits and she found them," she wrote.

"We all know it happens in other sports: cycling, marathon, track and field… some don't make it to the final line and some even finish crawling or passing out.

"Our sport is very hard too. Now it's time to rest and recover." she wrote on the US Artistic Swimming Instagram page

However, this is not first time the swimmer has fainted in the pool as the same was witnessed in an Olympic qualifier in Spain last year. Fuentes once again jumped into the pool fully clothed to rescue her , and the athlete was saved from potential drowning.

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