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Where the Richest People In Kenya Invest Their Money

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Where the richest Kenyans Invest Their Money
Where the richest Kenyans Invest Their Money

In most third-world countries there is a huge rift between the poor and the wealthy. Safe to say Kenya belongs to a few ultra-rich individuals who have discovered the correct investment options. Investments are a passive means of generating income. They have proved valuable in acquiring and maintaining substantial wealth.

Wealthy Kenyans are constantly changing their investment strategy due to the volatile nature of global trends. A good example is the volatile cryptocurrencies. A proportion of Kenyans invest their money overseas while some invest here in the country.

Experts advise on diversifying investments. This ensures that the risk of volatility is well spread out to avoid mass losses.

In investments and businesses alike, there is an inverse relationship between risk and reward. The more risk your business endures the more reward you stand to achieve.

•Real estate-as the population increases especially in urban areas demand housing goes high. This has made real estate a very lucrative venture to invest in. Real estate demands high initial capital. However, the returns come in installments of rent or sale of properties.

• Agriculture food will always be in demand. Super wealthy Kenyans have invested in the agriculture economy to either export or sell to the local market. Lately, there has been a huge demand for maize in Kenya. This means that the suppliers of maize are making a fortune out of the high demand from the market.

•Cryptocurrency-This is another venture that is highly profitable according to experts, especially Bitcoin. The risks in cryptocurrency exceed all the other investment options. As a trader only trades with what you are comfortable losing. Unlike other assets, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation does not enlist cryptocurrencies.

•Shares-As a shareholder, you get dividends from your initial investment every year from the company’s profits. Each shareholder gets a percentage of the profit generated from the initial capital invested AKA stocks.

• High-yield savings account-here you can set aside your liquid cash in financial institutions for a little interest, A good example is the fixed-deposit savings account. Although the return may not be as high as in other ventures it has several benefits. The cash is relatively safe, especially in reputable banks. The money is also easily accessible. In case an emergency arose, all you need to do is walk into your bank and withdraw your money.

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