Avoid These Eight Habits To Maximise Your Morning Productivity

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Avoid These Eight To Maximise Your Morning Productivity

How you start your morning has a huge bearing on the course of the rest of your day. Starting the day on the right footing will ensure that you stay healthy, vibrant, and productive during the day.

Remember consistency is the name of the game.

1. Hitting the snooze button -the extra ten minutes of sleep don’t do much for you. They slow down your system while interfering with your sleep-wake pattern. Snoozing your alarm only leaves you feeling foggy and tired.

Scientifically human beings sleep in cycles of 90 minutes. When you snooze your alarm you instruct your brain to start another cycle of sleep.

2. Scrolling your phone aimlessly-social media tends to keep you hooked. As a result, you spend too much of your productive hours scrolling through Instagram feed, messages, emails, and notifications. This information overwhelms your mind and as a result, you begin your day while stressed. Avoid the rabbit hole that is social media to have a clear and distraction-free morning.

3. Consuming too much caffeine-instead of coffee how about starting your day with warm water?

You need to hydrate after all-night fasting. Coffee is acidic and diuretic meaning it promotes dehydration in the body. Water has more benefits for the body including eliminating harmful toxins.

4. Failing to stick to a regular morning routine. The ideal morning routine is what works for you. It could be meditation, journaling, or exercising. These habits prepare your mind for the day 

5. Failing to get daily movement experts to advise getting some form of physical exercise to kickstart the day. This could be yoga, jogging, or stretching. Physical exercise increases metabolism hence improving blood circulation in the body. This will help boost your energy for the day 

6. Eating breakfast loaded with carbohydrates- breakfast is the day's most important meal. An ideal breakfast is a well-balanced meal loaded with proteins, vegetables, and fruits to keep your energy high.

7. Failing to plan

To maximize your effectiveness lay down the day's activities beforehand. Ideally in the morning or the previous night. Take note of the important and urgent tasks that need to be handled immediately.

This not only gives you the impetus to get down to work, but it is also self-fulfilling to tick the accomplished goals at the end of the day. Without proper planning, you may fall victim to procrastination and indecisiveness.