How to land first job after graduating in Kenya.

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago

Contrary to popular opinion, opportunities exist, you don't have to tarmac you just got to be prepared for opportunities.

Success happens when opportunity meets luck.

Its true employment rate is the highest it's ever been, but jobs are available albeit scarce. Here are a few tips you can use to help you ready for the transition. Congratulations by the way on graduating. This is just but the beginning.

1. Write a compelling Resume and cover letter. When it comes to job searching, these are your tools of the trade. Make it as precise and succinct as can be. Communicate your value proposition clearly, after all your resume speaks for you long before the potential employer meets you in person. Capitalize on your strengths and skills while downplaying your weaknesses.

2. Network, network, network-meet as many people as you can, engage you might land some prospects in the process. Research shows that 61% of companies do not advertise publicly. They rely on endorsements or recommendations from members of staff or top officials. Networking is the only way you'll get your name mentioned when these opportunities come up.

3. Embrace a learning attitude-as a starter you probably do not know much. Have a teachable mind, and seek guidance and expert advice from more seasoned professionals.Besides that, there are so many online courses that you can enroll in to further sharpen your knowledge. Needless to say welcome to the real job market where the theory taught in class doesn't match up to your actual job. Stay learning to stay relevant.

4)Take advantage of internships and volunteering opportunities. This is how you grow, learn and develop the skill set required to land a full-time job.

5)Arm yourself with the right attitude. Soft skills matter. How well are you able to work in a team? How well are you able to take feedback and criticism?

6)Apply Apply Apply-you don't need to meet 100% of the minimum qualifications set. Some of the skills you learn on the job. Do not be the one locking yourself out, that's the job of the hiring manager.

7)Understand good things take time- you might not land your dream job immediately. Be willing to start small and work your way up.

8)Prepare for the job interview- the process of job searching and application is tedious, and you want to complete it successfully by acing that interview. Study the organization, arrive early, look the part, and understand the role to communicate your suitability for it. All the best!We will talk about job interview tips at a later date. 

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