Tick These Off Your Checklist Before Turning The Big Thirty

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Things to do before turning thirty

For many turning thirty is a huge deal.

For the majority of us, thirty is the age that arguably marks the beginning of adulthood.

Forget about the societal expectations that come with reaching the third floor. This is an invitation to work on you for you as you approach thirty.

In simpler terms, this is the before-thirty bucket list.

Learn to be assertive-by the term you hit thirty you ought to have a personal belief system, personal values, and principles that you swear by. This way you will not be swayed left right and center by all and sundry.

Put yourself first-you cannot pour from an empty cup. Learn to replenish and nourish yourself before being there for others. After all, it's, your life and you are the main character. You need to take care of yourself

Taking calculated risks-risk is the spice of life. Maybe it's time to quit your toxic job or maybe it's time to get into entrepreneurship. Granted you might burn your fingers before you learn the ropes of the business. But that could also end up being the best decision your future self will thank you for. Travel alone and savor the beauty of nature. For some, it may be enrolling in a graduate or post-graduate course.

Getting your finances in order-take a course on finances. Chances are that you may have a stable flow of income and pending bills by thirty. Get into a savings scheme for your retirement and investments. Even more importantly live below your means this way you stay out of debt. 

Diversifying your income streams- relying on your day job may have been a little difficult. Monetize your knowledge, invest in different ventures and most importantly get a passive source of income.

Investing is a long-term goal and the sooner you start the better.

Prioritize your health and physical wellbeing-naturally as old age knocks, and you become more susceptible to infections and illnesses. A great health plan is imperative. Contribute to health insurance to offset your hospital bills. As a proactive measure work out to stay fit, eat healthy, stay hydrated and avoid stressful situations as much as you can.