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Puzzle Of Missing 55billion During The Last Days Of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Regime

Joy Waweru | 1 week ago
Puzzle Of Missing 55billion During The Last Days Of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Regime
Puzzle Of Missing 55billion During The Last Days Of Uhuru Kenyatta’s Regime

Reports tabled in parliament reveal that the treasury spent 55 Billion during Uhuru Kenyatta's last days in office.

The disbursement was done without the usual scrutiny, budgeting, and approval of members of parliament.


The finances were paid out to cater for the maize and fuel subsidies, an undisclosed Telekom Kenya payment, and the construction of a military research hospital.


According to the reports 9.45 billion was apportioned to the construction of roads while 6 billion was to Telekom Kenya.


Treasury also allotted 3.77billion to the state house,4.5billion to the State Department for crop Development and Agriculture Research discontinued maize flour subsidies while the construction of the military research hospital was allocated  2.2 billion.


The parliamentary budget office also indicates the Ministry of Petroleum and mining has been allocated an extra 16.6 billion to stabilize fuel prices and 8.2 billion for Kenya's primary and secondary education.


The former president inaugurated the instruction of the referral hospital at the Kabete Army Barracks.


However, President Ruto scrapped fuel and maize subsidies terming them costly and prone to abuse.




The expenditure so far has surpassed the 3.33 trillion budget passed by parliament in June 2022.


This means that the government will have to source funds from other avenues. Probably even increasing the country’s public debt.


So far the public debt is 8.7 trillion and is estimated to hit 9.4 trillion by the beginning of the next fiscal year


According to article 233 of the constitution, the national government has leeway to spend money not approved by parliament and later seek post-facto approval.


However, the surplus expenditure must not exceed 10 percent of the appropriated sums.


Exception for unbudgeted expenditure is also given in the case of unforeseen disasters such as disease outbreaks, floods, or drought.


The reports were revealed soon after Rigathi Gachagua alleged they had inherited a broken government with 93 million in the treasury.

He argued that it would take three months to get the crumbling economy back to its two feet.

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