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Another Fete For Elsa Majimbo With Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Recognition

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo. COURTESY
Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo. COURTESY

The year just keeps getting better for Kenyan comedienne and internet sensation Elsa Majimbo as she was recently featured in the Forbes Africa Magazine's Top 30 Under 30 Class of 2022.

The 2022 edition is titled ‘The Innovators Leading A New Era Of Change In Africa’ and lists 30 influencers and innovators, all of whom are of African descent, and who the magazine lauded for represented the continent on the global scene.

“Who are this year's visionaries of change and catalysts of innovation? Collectively, they prove that being on the most-anticipated list on the continent has nothing to do with clout or commerce, but rather, for these young trailblazers, it is about ensuring that they represent not only their countries but the Africa they want to serve,” Forbes captioned the photo with the cover of the annual issue.

In the comedienne's piece on the magazine, she stated that she always knew that she would be an icon despite doubt and discouragement she was subjected to when she started out in her career, but she encouraged her supporters to ignore the naysayers and chart their own path.

“So many people will discourage you and that’s fine, so many people think they know better and that’s fine, but whatever they know they have been told by someone else and there are some things you can only teach yourself and at the end of the day every single person you know will be out of your life. You need to do what’s best for you always,” she stated.

When Forbes shared the issue, Majimbo took to her social media accounts to express her gratitude and awe of featuring in the highly acclaimed publication,  stating that she did not think that her hobby of comedy would bring her this much success.

"Imagine posting videos cause of boredom and ending up on Vogue, GQ etc,getting Forbes 30 under 30 and other awards, moving to LA and creating a global audience and way more. What is going on? How did we get here ?" She tweeted.

This year still, she met with American comedian and TV Host Steve Harvey and was invited to his show where he 'adopted' her, promising to take her as his niece and always be ready to guide her and provide whatever she needed in life.