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Six Suits Levelled Against Former Us President Donald Trump

Joy Waweru | 1 week ago
Six Suits Levelled Against Former US President Donald Trump
Six Suits Levelled Against Former US President Donald Trump

The former President of the United States is being faced with multiple legal suits.

The 76-year-old Donald Trump is under probe for his role in the Capitol attack last year, his role in the overturning of the 2020 presidential polls, and being in possession of classified documents at his Mar -a-Lago residence.

Donald Trump, three of his children, and the family company were sued for business fraud.

The Newyork’s state attorney Letitia James sued them on Wednesday for fraudulent misstatements of the values of real estate properties to secure favorable loans and tax benefits.

Here are the civil suits Donald Trump is facing:

•Deceptive asset valuations by Donald Trump and the Trump organization. This was aimed at being eligible for loans and getting better insurance coverage. The state attorney seeks to have Trump and his company stopped from purchasing a new property and accessing loans in the state.Letitia James also seeks to have them reimburse $250 million allegedly obtained through fraud.

She also asked the federal prosecutors and the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the criminal offenses. 

•Tax fraud charges-former chief officer of the Trump organization pleaded guilty and will appear as a witness against the company. Donald Trump has denied the allegations and termed them as politically instigated.

•Possession of Classified Government Records-The FBI uncovered over 11,000 documents from Trump’s residence months after leaving office.

Trump reacted to the investigation as a partisan witch hunt.

•Defamation and assassination of character

A former magazine writer,E. Jean Caroll sued the former president for responding to her rape allegations as lies to increase the sales of her book. In response, Trump’s lawyer stated that government employees are immune to defamation. At the time of filing the suit, Donald Trump was still president.

•Capitol attack-A House Committee alleges uncovering plans by Donald Trump to cause riot through his supporters to block Congress from certifying the 2020 election results.


    Referencing a call Trump made to  Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperge. Trump asked him to “find” the votes needed to make him the winner of the elections.