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Club Hosting :How Young Women Are Making A Killing In Nairobi

Joy Waweru | 5 months ago
How Young Women Are Making A Killing In Nairobi
How Young Women Are Making A Killing In Nairobi

If you have visited some of these premium clubs in the city then you have most probably met them as they tend to stand out from the crowd.

Club hosts are often young ladies whose main job at these entertainment joints is connecting with revelers who visit the clubs, creating rapport with them, and hopefully retaining them as customers.

To be a club host, the pre-qualifications you must meet are being young, attractive, highly sociable, and likable. Yes, looks matter in this business. If you have a vast social media following it's a plus. That way you can influence your following to the club you are hosting for to increase revenue.

Unlike previously when the ‘jobs’ were a preserve of the celebrities such as the controversial Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika, nowadays most Instagram models and ‘baddies’ are thriving from this unconventional job.

Club hostesses are an additional service only for the big boys with very deep pockets. The kind that spends heftily in a single night.

The qualifications might vary slightly depending on whether it is a local or a premium joint.

In high-end clubs, hostesses are required to be well-cultured and sophisticated enough to grace the presence of prominent businessmen and politicians.

The club hostesses are protected by the club management from sexual exploitation(no touch policy) as they are expected to conduct themselves with etiquette and high moral dignity.

Theirs is to serve the guests and keep them company.

Nonetheless, there have been reports of attempted exploitation in some of these clubs.

According to a report by one of the local dailies, the club hostesses go through a rigorous recruitment process. The pay on the other hand is quite impressive with some taking home around 30,000-50000 per night exclusive of tips received from happy customers.

Just like any other job, there are deliverables to be met in order to be compensated.

Previously club hosts would be paid with free drinks. Not so any more club hosts are getting paid actual money from clubs enough to maintain their elaborate lifestyles.

“On the flipside though is that club hosting is not a long-term plan. Popularity fades with familiarity After some time you will soon be replaced with a newbie,” says Eve a club hostess.