DPP Noordin Haji Reveals Why He Withdrew Aisha Jumwa’s Case

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
War on Graft:DPP Noordin Haji Reveals Why He Withdrew Aisha Jumwa’s Case

Aisha Jumwa had been charged with graft allegations to the tune of 19 million. This transaction was alleged to have taken place while Aisha Jumwa served as a Member of Parliament for Malindi.

In a recent interview, Noordin Haji  disclosed the events that led to Aisha Jumwa’s case being dropped.

The director of Public Prosecutions has revealed that there was no sufficient evidence to prosecute the new Cabinet Secretary for Public Service. Noordin Haji  blamed the Directorate of Criminal Investigation for obstructing evidence and stated that he would not allow a “miscarriage of justice.”

DPP Noordin Haji also pointed finger at the DCI, especially under the former boss George Kinoti for filing cases that failed to meet the minimum threshold in the available evidence.

He questioned how the DCI carried out investigations and stated that many cases had been reviewed.

"We have even gone to prisons and correctional facilities and released people after reviewing their cases. It's not only these two cases that have been dropped."

"DCI said they have evidence to directly link Aisha Jumwa herself to the crime and they availed certain documents that we felt if additional documents were availed then proof could be there to allow us to prosecute her but they were never availed and we had to review the case and withdraw it."Noordin Haji.

“We have asked for evidence and it was never availed and we had written more than five reminders to the DCI and it was never forthcoming,” said Noordin Haji while addressing journalists.

Noordin Haji noted that his unique stand has led to his personal property being vandalized. Even so, he stated he would lead with integrity and independence.

He also revealed the strained working relationship between his office and that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Noordin Haji noted that the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal of the KPLC charges were the same. On October 12, alongside Aisha Jumwa the DPP withdrew the charges leveled against Ben Chumo, former KPLC boss, in a 400 million graft case.

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