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Larry Madowo Celebrates Graduation After Three-Month Social Media Hiatus

Fridah Wangechi | 6 months ago
CNN Journalist Larry Madowo PHOTO: Larry Madowo, Twitter
CNN Journalist Larry Madowo PHOTO: Larry Madowo, Twitter

Kenyan-born and bred CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo is back online after a three-month hiatus celebrating his graduation from Columbia University in the United States.

The journalist whose accounts had been inactive since February made his announcement on Friday, March 20, expressing his joy for finally being able to attend his in-person graduation that had been pushed by two years after securing a post-graduate degree program at the university’s Graduate School of Journalism.

“My in-person graduation from Columbia University was delayed by two years but it was still special.

“I came back to New York to confirm that my Master’s in Business and Economics Journalism was real. It is and they haven’t changed their minds,” he wrote. 

Congratulatory messages streamed in from his supporters and colleagues alike, lauding him for his great strides in academia that complement his skills as a renowned journalist.

"Congratulations Larry...good to see you back....l almost asked CNN, "Where did you take our Larry?? "Welcome back. Looking forward to many beautiful stories and new frontiers in Business. God bless you.," Lilian Gathu stated.

"Bravo Larry Madowo! That was an excellent Knight-Bagehot class," Gabby Stern, World Health Organization(WHO) Director of Communications lauded.

"What a comeback Larry!" another social media user stated.

He recently celebrated his one-year anniversary at CNN, remarking that it had been an exceptional year reporting for the giant media house.

“I'm one year old at CNN today. It's been an extraordinary year reporting and anchoring from 4 continents and I couldn't be more grateful," he stated on Tuesday, May 17.

“But I'm an African first and I'd love to tell more of our stories,” he pointed out, imploring his fans and followers to share stories that needed global attention.

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