Viral TikTok Nurse Lukresia Robai Lands Ambassadorial Job

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
Viral TikTok Nurse Lukresia Robai Lands Ambassadorial Job

Lukresia Robai burst into the limelight due to her dancing skills showcased in a video that went viral.

In the video the nursing student is seen entertaining a sick child who was nursing a fracture.

The 22-year old has since been christened the dancing nurse.

On Thursday 10th she landed an ambassadorial job in a one year contract.

A Kenyan travel company Expedition Safari signed a deal with Lukresia Robai to serve as the company’s brand ambassador.

Pancreas Karema,Expedition Maasai CEO confirmed to journalists that indeed the company had entered an agreement with the student nurse.

“She has inked the ambassadorial contract to represent the company for one year.She I’ll be pushing our brand to nurses and people of good will,”he said.


On top of the lucrative job,Lukresia was awarded with an all paid holiday trip to Zanzibar island.

The CEO noted that the trip was a recognition and award for the selflessness she demonstrated.

“She will also be flown to Zanzibar for four days with all expenses catered for.It is our highest package,”he added.

On TikTok she gained approximately 79,000 followers and garnered half a million likes.

Since the viral video Lukresia Rabai also met the governor of Trans Nzoia county George Natembeya who promised to find her education and give her a job upon completion of her studies


The viral video was recorded in Kitale County Referral Hospital where she was attending to the paediatric unit.

In one of her interviews Lukresia stated that while administering medicine she identified the boy who was in low spirits and as a result decided to dance for him.

“I am passionate about dancing,it is inborn.It feels nice to be part of that society or culture that promotes wonderful things in this life.Especiqlly when I’m giving medications because Hao ni watoto ,I go to them with some kind of movement that is able to fascinate them,said Lukresia in a past interview.

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