Conmen In Nairobi: This Is How You Identify Them

Joy Waweru | 1 year ago
How you Identify conmen and fraudsters

Tales have been told of how first-timers and even unsuspecting residents have been conned in the city. You are never really bulletproof from the schemes of con artists. They keep re-inventing their techniques and strategies to ensure they catch you off guard. However, there are common characteristics of conmen. If you look closely or listen keenly you will find them out.

In case you ever find yourself in doubt, you can refer to this article because swindlers are always out here scouting for the next prey; it’s a full-time job and just like your eight-to-five they execute diligently.

1)They appeal to your emotion-its only humane to want to help a person in ‘distress’. But not here in the city. Walk as fast as you can even in the opposite direction because oftentimes this is a disaster waiting to happen.

2) Con artists give you no time to reason-you know how we are told to take time before making a decision? Con artists seem to understand this concept so well, better than most of us and they use it to their advantage. Most times successfully.

They bombard you with information and hastily ask you to take their desired action. By the time it dawns on you you've probably lost your treasured phone or your hard-earned money.

The moral of the story; take your time to interrogate all information you are given.

3)They look genuine-con artists strive to guise themselves by presenting themselves as elderly women, men of God, or stranded first-timers in the big city. This way they lure you into thinking they are harmless. It takes a second guess to read into them and their motives.

4)Giving false promises that are too good to be true-yes the economy may be tough and we are all just trying to eke a living but that anonymous phone call asking you to send just the” processing fee of a bet you won is a scam. The random individual asking to use your ID to access his/her money and promising you a huge cut is a con.

In other words, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Don't be greedy. That will save you from being conned.

A relatable example would be the infamous electronics sold in downtown Nairobi in the dingy shops. To make it seem like a good deal goods are sold at just a fraction of the actual retail price in other outlets. Only to get home and realize what you bought is properly packaged scrap metal.

If you fall victim do not blame yourself after all these are these are swindlers who are good at their game owing to their years of experience.

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