Ruto Tells CS Spouses To Brace For Lonely Nights

Fridah Wangechi | 1 year ago
President William Ruto at a past engagement. COURTESY

President William Ruto on Thursday, October 27 appointed his 24-member cabinet, ready to officially begin the reign of the Kenya Kwanza government, in pursuit of the highly anticipated implementation of the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

The president stated that the cabinet secretaries would hit the ground running in their various dockets which would consequently mean longer work hours and lesser family time.

He therefore implored that the spouses to the cabinets secretaries to remain patient and understand that the work ahead required more indulgence, and that they would be seeing their partners less especially in the coming months.

"You will be leaving your offices late. spouses please understand these people because they will be sleeping in the office for the next couple of months," he stated.

The cabinet secretaries will begin executing their duties officially on Thursday, October 27 after taking path of office at State House Nairobi and the president reminded them of the magnitude of the task that is ahead assuring them of his full support.

“In the discharge of your duties, in the various ministries that you will be serving you will have my wholesome support because you have no other option than to succeed. Failure is not an option, we have a country to look after, we have a plan to implement and we have the people of Kenya watching us,” said the head of state.

He further reminded the Cabinet members the vows they made in their oaths, promising to be guided by the Constitution and hence told them to remain in the rule of law in the execution of their duties.

“I expect each and every one of you as I do of all public servants, to uphold the constitution and the rule of law to be at the front and center of our government. That should be the guiding principle,” the president said.

Additionally, President Ruto also cautioned the Cabinet against engaging in regional favoritism and negative ethnic politics, as they had been mandated to serve the entire Kenyan citizenry.

“You are going to serve the people of Kenya and you have been appointed to the Cabinet of Kenya. I know there are regional and community persuasions but I haven’t appointed a Cabinet for any region or county or any community. I expect you to respect your oath of office and serve Kenyans equally," he said.

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