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Ebola Break Out In Uganda; One Confirmed Dead

Joy Waweru | 1 week ago
Ebola Break Out In Uganda; One Confirmed Dead IMAGE:COURTESY
Ebola Break Out In Uganda; One Confirmed Dead IMAGE:COURTESY

Top government officials have confirmed the breakout of Ebola in Uganda with one casualty so far.

"We want to inform the country that we have an outbreak of Ebola which we confirmed yesterday," Diana Atwine, the health permanent secretary in a news briefing.

The case was registered in Central Mubende District.

"Uganda confirms an Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in Mubende District, Uganda.   The confirmed case is a 24-year-old male a resident of Ngabano village of Madudu Sub County in Mubende District presented with EVD symptoms and later succumbed," the ministry officials said.

The case was reported to have a high fever, abdominal pains, diarrhea, and vomiting blood. He had reportedly received treatment for malaria before it was established to be a case of Ebola.

According to Reuters, the World Health Organization suspected eight more cases of receiving care at a health facility.WHO also confirmed that it had dispatched help to Uganda by conducting investigations and sending health staff to salvage the situation.

The Ebora virus that has stubbornly stuck around the Democratic Republic of Congo has crossed the border to neighbouring Uganda. The confirmed case is the rare Sudan strain Ebola virus.

WHO stated that the Ervebo vaccine aimed at combatting the infection of high-risk people had been highly effective in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, the vaccine was only approved for the Zaire strain.

Its effectiveness on the Sudan strain is therefore in question.

The Ebola virus Disease was previously categorized as hemorrhagic fever.

Uganda has experienced three episodes of Ebola Fever. The last episode was the last fatal claiming the lives of thousands including the Evola lead specialist Dr. Matthew Lukwiya.

Primary signs and symptoms of Ebola include sore throat, fever, body aches, loss of appetite, uncontrollable bleeding, skin rash, and hiccups during its late stages.

Ebola virus spreads through direct contact with fluid from an infected animal or an infected person(saliva, breastmilk, sweat, amniotic  fluid, semen, urine, and vomit)

WHO Africa Regional Director stated that Uganda having experienced outbreaks a couple of times, the country was no stranger to effective containment of the Ebola virus. He confirmed that swift action had been taken to detect the virus and halt its spread.

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